May 18, 2015


Matzke Elementary School Principal Cathy Jacobs assists John Moore Services in distributing bears to first-grade students (L-R) Selena Liu, Tanvi Venkatesth and Ayden Le at her school on May 15.

May 18, 2015—To ring in their 50th anniversary, employees from John Moore Services delivered custom story books and teddy bears to 876 pre-K, kindergarten, first- and second-grade students at Bane and Matzke elementary schools on May 15.

The CFISD giveaway was part of a coordinated effort throughout the Greater Houston area to deliver 2,500 bears and 2,500 books to various schools and organizations.

The book, “Buddy the Home Repair Bear,” told a positive story about hard work. The stuffed “Buddy Bears” were companions to the books, which John Moore representatives took time to read to the children at both schools.

“We care deeply about the Houston community, which we have served for 50 years, and we wanted to give back in a unique way,” Don Valentine, president of John Moore Services, said in a John Moore release. “Many children don't have enough books at home during the critical early reading years. Buddy’s story is a way to give these children both a book and an idea—that each of us can be a hero in our own way.”


Bane Elementary School students display the bears and books they received from John Moore Services on May 15.

Matzke students showed visible excitement after receiving their gifts.

“It was such a wonderful time seeing the joy on our students faces when they received the teddy bear and book to go along with it,” said Cathy Jacobs, Matzke principal. “We are so thankful to John Moore Services and happy to be a recipient of their generosity.”


Matzke first-grade student Denisse Ramirez gets to know her bear after receiving it from John Moore Services.

Bane students began reading their books to their new bears, according to Principal Virginia Marez.

“This has been a wonderful experience for our children,” Marez said. “They have already begun naming their bears. We thank John Moore for their generosity and wish them another 50 years in business.”


Matzke first-grade students Kindil Ortiz and Vivian Tran hug their “Buddy Bears” given to them by John Moore Services on May 15.


Matzke Elementary School students hold up their bears after John Moore employee Michael Shackelford reads the book, “Buddy the Home Repair Bear” to them.


John Moore Services electrical manager David Floyd displays the “Buddy the Home Repair Bear” book while Matzke kindergarten students William White and Devin Johnson hold their Buddy Bears at the school on May 15.


A Bane Elementary School student prepared a thank-you card for John Moore Services for their giveaway. 

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